Ceci Bergier Art Director
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Lego Marina

OVERVIEW: I am a big Lego fan and own a ton of sets and characters. When I went on a trip to Mexico, I created an “activity pack” to keep myself entertained on the plane (I never grew out of play time). In that pack was Lego Marina. I created this Lego Minifigure and began taking pictures of it everywhere I went – the beach, the plane, etc. Shortly after, it became a fun part of my daily activities.

RESULTS: Aside from having fun (which is my main goal), taking pictures of Lego Marina has helped me in several ways:

  1. I’m always thinking of potential shots.
  2. It has made me a better art director and improved my photography skills.
  3. It brings joy to my life and those who follow.
  4. It’s taught me to be resourceful, make quick creative decisions and work with what I have.
  5. It’s taught me to move fast and develop content daily.
  6. It even helped me get freelance work.

MY ROLE: Full creative direction and execution.

TALENT: Lego Marina

Copper Creek Photoshoot

For this photoshoot, I participated throughout the entire process. We worked with photographers Jeremy & Claire Weiss.


  • Concepting for required shots.
  • Created the pre-production deck.
  • Active role making decisions during the shoot involving types of shots, talent and wardrobe.
  • Managed the retouching process along with my Creative Director

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jeremy & Claire Weiss
ACD: Ceci Bergier
CD: Chris Bean