Ceci Bergier Art Director
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Bank of Montreal

PROBLEM: BMO wanted to inspire trust in its new investing robo-service, adviceDirect.
INSIGHT: Investors want brutal honesty when it comes their finances.
SOLUTION: We created a series of spots featuring Gary, a guy who is brutally honest, even if the truth is painful.
MY ROLE: Concepting and art direction. 

:30 - Hero

:15 - Flavor

:15 - Love

AD: Ceci Bergier
CW: Mike Merritt
ACD: Ian McCallister
ECD: John Goldberg

Siemens Technology

PROBLEM: Siemens needed to communicate how its technology significantly increases efficiency in the workplace.
INSIGHT: Everyone gets excited when they think of Santa’s North Pole factory, even adults.
SOLUTION: We gave Santa’s North Pole factory an upgrade using Siemens technology.
MY ROLE: I came up with the concept which was later executed after I had left the agency.


AD: Ceci Bergier
CW: Emma Parry
CDs: Robert Balog/Jeff Leaf
Design Studio: Lobo

Comforpedic iQ

PROBLEM: Simmons needed to brand its new Comforpedic iQ mattress.
INSIGHT: Technology is changing everything, even the way we sleep.
SOLUTION: Position the mattress as The Future of Sleep.
MY ROLE: Concepting and art direction.

:30 - Anthem

:15 - The new sleeping pill

AD: Ceci Bergier
CW: Mike Merritt
CD/Art: Angela Denise
CD/Copy: Deb Maltzman