Ceci Bergier Art Director




Written by my former copy partner:

Ceci’s imagination knows no bounds. Her creative energy is both inspiring and contagious, which makes working with her pure, unadulterated joy. She’s not one to sit on problems, rather, she rolls up her sleeves and prepares for battle. And she’s fast. My God, is she fast. 

Written by me:

I am an ACD living and working in NYC, though I was born in Peru, raised in Canada, and then raised some more back in Peru. I love drawing and spend most of my time doing so. I also love LEGO, but I'm holding back on going to the store because it is too tempting, and I have way too many sets already. Then again, is there such a thing as too many LEGO sets?

To everyone's surprise, my favorite TV show to play in the background is Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm shocked that no one from Amazon has come to check and make sure I'm okay based on how many times I've watched each season. Besides that, I'm just a happy person who takes pleasure in the simple things in life.


Blondie's guitarist bought my painting.

I recently participated in Art Battle NYC at Le Poisson Rouge. It's a 20-minute painting competition where 12 artists paint live in front of an audience. 

At the end, there's a silent auction of all the pieces. When I went to thank the person who bought my piece, I discovered it was purchased by Tommy Kessler – Blondie's guitarist.